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Robin Burger, a painter, photographer, musician and visual artist! Robin Burger is continually triggered by elements in his everyday surroundings. Robin burger sees, where others would turn a blind eye, like gum marks in streets or the patterns in a scaffolding. The result is a devoted yet critical view of our reality culminating in powerful images. Central to his work are certain distinctive themes such as society and nature, humour, western iconic images, and often have a dreamy fantastical quality. He questions the monotony of our everyday, challenges it, criticizes it, and is also amazed by it. He uses these inspiring elements and combines them into original works of art; a fusion which is typical of Robin Burger.Feel free to check out more of my works at my online art gallery! <<< LINK

Robin Burger’s work always contains a message. Sometimes these messages are so undisputedly self-evident that it results in a form of iconography, but usually it takes some time for it all to sink in. All in all, there are few works of his that do not directly evoke an emotion or some self-reflective thought. Robin Burger’s works are time-documents permeated with our everyday lives, our social, environmental and even political quirks. His work is a direct representation of the world he lives in, in all its beauty and all its ugliness. Perhaps you could call it propaganda for Robin Burger’s world. His judgment on the inevitable consequences of our habits. The habits we don’t even notice anymore. But that’s exactly what he does… he sees the extraordinary where others would only see ordinary.”
Phillius L. (2017, Januari) Art in the real world - The Quibbler


What's he building in there?!

Robin Burger often varies and combines techniques depending on the message and the feel of the work he wishes to convey. He might work with oil paints on canvas for one project and use spray cans and cardboard for the next. This is the reason Robin Burger likes to work in series. This way, he can play around with his discovered technique until he want to explore another find.

Check out my latest endeavours! (2017-2018)


Serie - Tout est Magnefique!

Date - April 2018

Description: Really excited and happy! The series "Tout est Magnefique" is almost finished! Everything is beautiful and everything is allowed. Because truth is always in the eye of the beholder! New works ready to go to a new owner or gallery!

Medium/technique - Mixed media

0/20 pieces sold

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Project Title - Guest artist at NPO Radio1 - 'De Ochtend'

Date - July 2017

Description: What does the best Dutchman looks like? Can this be captured in a single image? The Dutch NPO Radio 1 show 'De Ochtend' will try to answer these questions. Artist Niels Ballemans en Robin Burger will collaborate to capture the results in a great unique work of art!

Medium/technique - Na

5/5 pieces sold

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Serie - Spr*y it!

Date - July 2017

Description: Experimenting with some new discoveries using recycled posters, collage techniques, spraying stencils and paint.

Medium/technique - mixed media

15/20 pieces sold

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Project Title - Guest exhibition in Atelier 13

Date - June 2017(Completed)

Description: Guest exhibition in Atelier 13 together with my good friend and great artist Niels Ballemans!

Medium/technique - Nails and screws

Dead in your tracks!

“The world has a rhythm. A rhythm that repeats itself every day. In time, everything fades into an ocean of more of the same. Random observations that no-one really notices anymore. Corroded and weathered by its repeated usage. The city is made from this same palette. Gum, piss, oil stains, litter, exhaust fumes. The world is a blank canvas until something so stunningly wonderful stops you dead in your tracks.”
- Robin Burger 2015

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