An internationally selling artist based in Tilburg, the Netherlands.



Robin Burger (1980) is an internationally selling artist based in Tilburg, The Netherlands. Through the use of oldstreet posters, strong placed lines and strokes with paint or marker, Burger creates art that is playful, full of energy and vibrant. Combining colourful, urban, graphic forms with natural imagery results in fresh and iconic works of art.

Robin Burger finished his bachelor’s degree at the prestigious Design Academy in Eindhoven and started his career as an independent designer back in 2007. Throughout the years, Burger’s focus crossfaded from graphic design towards more artistic expression. For the last several years, he has fully committed to his passion ofmaking art.

In his paintings, Burger combines an wide variety of materials. His works are typically a mix of ‘sourced’ materials such as old event-posters taken from the streets...

And so is a flower

My work is mostly neo-expressionistic and is an almost philosophical search inspired by the following quote by Oscar Wilde: “All art is quite useless, so is a flower”. “This used to sound so bleak and depressing to me expecialy because i invested a lot of energy and time in creating art, but I discovered it to be the most beautiful quote that puts art up on the same pedestal as love and life itself. It’s a celebration of the act of creating itself. Making art has felt as a personal victory, being able to fully commit to creating without limiting myself in the process.”


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"Robin Burger's works burst with energy. The fusion of vibrant colors and mixed media creates a visually stunning experience, each piece a testament to the artist's emotional depth and creative prowess."


Burger's art challenges convention, seamlessly blending mediums to redefine contemporary expression. The layers of paint and collage in each piece reflect a bold and innovative approach, pushing the boundaries of traditional artistic forms.


Robin Burger's paintings capture a harmonious chaos. The blend of neo-expressionism and mixed media results in compositions that balance spontaneity and control. Each stroke invites viewers into a world where emotions collide, showcasing Burger's unique vision and skill.


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